Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Body Magic is evil

'How do they pee with that on?' she asked me, puzzled.
'How do they even breathe?' I replied.

I think Body Magic is evil. According to sites selling it and videos I've seen on Youtube, you put it on and you look two to three dress sizes smaller. Women should be encouraged to exercise and make changes to their diet to lose weight and look good rather than squeeze into Body Magic. Not to mention its deceptive. A guy looks at you and thinks you're a 10 when you're actually a 16. Just look at this:

Its different when you're wearing shape wear to just smoothen things out but this does WAY more than smoothen things out. I wouldn't advice a friend to purchase one of these. I'd advice her to exercise and work on her problem areas.

'Body Magic is evil.'

That's what she said.

Who knows - Avril Lavigne ♥

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